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Premium 27/7 vs current offering 50/12

I have the 27/7 Premium service and have had it since 2010.  The 27/7 service is no longer offered.  The current offering at the same price point is 50/10 according to


I checked using the Comcast Business speed tool today and got 35/12 reported.


I got a sales call asking me to upgrade to 50/10 and bundle in a phone line for $10 more per month, but I don't want a phone line.


The sales call guy said I was ineligible to upgrade to 50/10 without a phone line until May, even though I've been on this contract since 2010.


Am I already at the 50/10 point with these reported speeds?  

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Re: Premium 27/7 vs current offering 50/12

Hi Klotz.  The Internet service can be upgraded at any time by contacting the Service Center @1-800-391-3000 


Thank You

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