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Port 5060 seemed to be blocked

I'm setting up a SIP trunk as a backup for our new PBX. I have done all the proper configurations and even tried the test with everything open. Port 5060 always fails. It is not listed in your block port document but it’s block or being used by something on your end.  Here is what w use for our connection:


Cable Modem
SMC P/N: 752.9244NA
P/N: 1502300001N0
S/W Rev:
H/W Rev: 1.01
RF MAC: 0026F32036C4
WAN MAC: 0026F32036C7
S/N: H2A28A51E7
Iden: 1031


Jim Nowotny

Hillcrest Labs




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Re: Port 5060 seemed to be blocked

Welcome JImNowtony.  Comcast doe not use port 5060 for any application or protocol on the data network.  Also we utilize RIPV2 for static routing.   All traffic to the device via static IP is passed thru the gateway without regard to port numbers.  Let us know if we can assist further or if you want to setup direct testing.


Thank you


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