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Poor connectivity in Memphis TN

We currently are experiencing extremely slow speeds and huge packet loss from your service at our Memphis office.  We have opened tickets almost daily since March 23rd, to have them closed due to area outages. Normally this wouldn't be an issue, but normally the issue is fixed the same day. 

On March 31st I finally complained enough to have a ticket entered to be sent to tier 2 since they could 'see' an issue and at least 2 tickets for the same problem.  That ticket was sent to your 'pretension' group which has done zero good.  



I have talked with 2 supervisors since I can't contact the group that holds the ticket, being told it would be escalated with zero response.


I need a response ASAP, we cannot conduct business and are losing money due to your issues. I've never had this poor of a response from your company in 10+ years and multiple locations with your service. This will definately make me think about using a different service and even make me want to spend any amount of money to have to so we can work.

Aimee Johnson

IT Manager

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