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Pittsburgh, PA Connectivity Problems

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Pittsburgh, PA Connectivity Problems

Recently we have been having connectivity problems. Internet connectity seems to just drop out. If I http into the comcast gateway and go to Administration | Diagnostic Tools and attempt to ping a known web site such as, after a long delay the ping response comes back and internet connectivity is restored.


This has been happening for a couple of weeks now and it is realy frustrating. I have an process hosted in the cloud which attempts to ping the gateway WAN IP address and it fails.Thoughts? Is my gateway going on the fritz? Things were working really well for prior to these recent issues.

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Re: Pittsburgh, PA Connectivity Problems


Hi codechurn and welcome to the business forums. 


I would like to assist with your connectivity issues and review for anything that can be causing this. Please private message me your first and last name, the name of your business, the full address, and the phone number associated with your account.