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I realize this is probably not the best medium to get in contact with Comcast however I am running out of options. We are a local IT Managed Service provider in Miami and as one of our services we provide VoIP. The last couple of weeks we have been experience serious packetloss issues with about 50% of our customers  that use Comcast. The result is degradation of voice quality, clients are complaining they can barefuly understand callers; understandably. We have no known issues with our customers that are using other ISP's. We have run Packetcaptures, RTCP stats, MTR's and can see the packetloss.  Most of the time the loss is originiating after the customer's CMTS (or gateway) at about the third or fourth hop. This is still within the Comcast network, we have BGP and utilize Internap as one of our carriers and can see clearly where the packetloss is occurring.


I don't expect network engineers to be answering the phone when we call Comcast business support, however at the very least they should understand what packetloss is! Explaining to them what a traceroute is was a complete waste of time. Extremely frustrating. We have a local conctact from Comcast which is on the enterprise sales side, we have forwarded our complaints but there is only so much he can do. I was hoping there was another number we could call for real technical support. This is rediculous! Is Comcast aware of an issue affecting South Florida? I spoke with a tech and he mentioned that they were aware of a few outages but that is all he could say. It seems no one really knows what is going on. 

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Re: Packetloss...again

HI caesar305.  Please send me a private message  with the associated account number and the trace info.  I will engage the Regional Support Center to assist with resolution of this issue.

Thank You

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