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Packet loss unbearable

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Packet loss unbearable

East Bay, CA. Packet loss has been extreme the last couple of weeks. Always seems to start mid-afternoon, 2-3pm and run through the night. I've experienced packet loss and performance issues in the past, but this is the worst it's ever been by far.


Called Comcast Business support, the guy said it's because my modem is EOL. Even when I rebutted that it's not EOL (look at the chart, it's different for retail!); that an EOL modem doesn't explain repetitive problem windows anyway; and that EOL is an administrative term and doesn't mean it's broken; he refused to budge. When I asked for escalation, he said he could have a truck roll, but it would cost me $99, since my modem is EOL (even though it's not).


This is BUSINESS CLASS support? I'm an IT professional and have dealt with many business carriers, none as terrible as Comcast. (Even Verizon will roll a truck, no question.) What kind of business carrier refuses to investigate network issues?



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Re: Packet loss unbearable

Hello donidonidoni and welcome,


Please call the 800-391-3000, use the high speed internet technical option, then make sure that technical representative confirms that your Comcast Gateway is EOL. Then demand that he rolls a truck to upgrade your modem at no cost to your whatsoever. Comcast ALWAYS updates/upgrades all business class customer modems at no charge. It is required that you must have minimum a DOCSIS 3.0 and these days a 3.1 is becoming common equipment.


Hope this helps you out.

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Re: Packet loss unbearable

Thanks for the reply. The confusion on their part is that leased and retail (customer owned equipment) modems of the same model have different EOL policies. In their stupid help desk system, it shows them I have an SB6120, which it automatically flags as EOL. But I really have an SB6120 (RETAIL) which is DOCSIS 3.0 and Not EOL, according to their own deviceinfo page. Even though the help desk system tells them it's my own equipment, the script tells them it's EOL so they insist it must be, and must be the problem. I humored the guy and let him walk me through the deviceinfo page to see how the retail model is specifically not listed EOL and listed as approved for my service level, yet he still continued to insist the deviceinfo page must say it's EOL because his helpdesk system flagged it as such.

I'm not expecting device replacement -- again, it's COE -- I just want them to get past this false EOL BS and investigate the network problem.

I guess I'll just have to keep calling back until I can find someone who will listen to logic and fact... It's absurd that they don't understand their own systems and policies.
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