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Packet Loss

My line is experiencing intermitent packet loss and service speed drops.  There is no rhyme or reason to them.  I can run two tests in a row and the first is fine then the second says I'd be doing better using a campfire and a wet blanket for my communications needs.  


I work from home - because of instability on the home services it was recommended to me that I switch to Business Class.  Ok, so it costs a little more - at least I'm not trying to figure out which part of my bill is a business expense anymore ...


all seemed ok with the service, except occasionally I did notice on a random speed check that things weren't as speedy as the service I'm paying for..


then today I was working and I kept getting bumped off the server because the service here in Savannah, GA was dropping out.  I call my employers, tell them I am going to be off line for the day and call Comcast Business.


They set an appt for me, saying someone will be here before 7p.  7:15, no Comcast.  I call, they tell me that I was wrong, that they don't DO 2 hour windows, expect a tech by 9.  I explained that I didn't ask for the "window" I asked what time to expect the tech.  Whatever again - I get told 9pm.  9:17 comes and goes, I call again.  Rude lady tells me she can't "escalate" my case because she isn't seeing a problem.  I tried to explain I wasn't looking for an escalation, I was looking for a promised tech.  Where was he?  Did he get mugged on the way here?  She didn't find me amusing.  All she would say is my service looked "fine" on their end.  I explained that was just wonderful - from here it's bad and I have been waiting 4 hours for a missing tech.  She throws a $20 credit at me and pretty much says too bad - they will come in the morning.  


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Re: Packet Loss

and I apologize for not being the most tech savvy person.  Here is what my work tech told me - the line seems unstable.  There is a lot of jitter and packet loss on one test call and then the next may be better, and the next after that - but then it bottoms out again and it's all bad.


I can not get the people at Comcast to understand that just like the problems I had with their home services -- this is NOT an all the time thing... so unless I can have a Comcast technician move in with me and stand guard to catch the problem chances are they're not going to catch it.  I have tried calling immediately upon having an issue - - but the 13-18 minute hold times I experience whenever I call them are generally enough for the problem to pass and then by the time they look into the line it seems just dandy to them.


So, unless there's a Comcast technician in the Savannah area who wants to come sleep on my sofa with the dog or they get real about listening to me I am going to have to call AT&T -- at least when I call them about my cell service the people listen to me. 

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Re: Packet Loss

I've been going crazy with packet loss and periodic complete loss of connectivity here in San Jose.


Twice I've been on the phone with Comcast Business service and had them do some magic reset on my modem - after which things are fine for awhile.


My network is crazy complicated with 5 static IPs and 5 routers feeding into a common LAN (with a separate GATEWAY per router). There are servers for mail, DNS, and several web servers. (I'm director of engineering for a small network software company and this is a very hairy home office.)


Every time I'm on the phone with them, they want me to "connect your computer" directly to the modem. When I explain that have over a dozen systems they get confused.


I really wish I could link up with someone TECHNICAL who can monitor traffic to/from my modem and tell me if something weird is going on. But I guess that's too much to hope for.


Today various speed tests have run from 30.73 down X 12.67 up (I'm paying for 27 x 7) to below .1 Mbps incoming with no rhyme or reason.


I know something is going on but it's quite a challenge to see what it is or to even know if my service is supposed to be at some minimum level.


Laurence Brevard

San Jose, CA



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Re: Packet Loss



I cant speak to packet loss or lost connections, but having your upstream/downstream slow down significantly does not necessarily mean packet loss or connection problems.


It is important to understand how the Comcast network fuctions. Comcast says it best in their Terms of Service :


"Comcast's High-Speed Internet network is a shared network, which means that our customers share upstream and downstream bandwidth with their neighbors. Although the available bandwidth is substantial, so, too, is the demand. Thus, when a relatively small number of customers in a neighborhood place disproportionate demands on network bandwidth, they can heavily contribute to congestion that degrades their neighbors' Internet experience."


You may see huge fluctuations in upstream/downstream speed from moment to moment. It is the nature of the tech. There are other connectivity solutions available that will provide more consistent speeds and an SLA, but dont expect to pay $100/mo for a 50/10 connection. Without an SLA, your minimum alllowable connection speed is 0.


Take care!



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