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Outbound traffic issues

We are a church (Glad Tidings A/G West Lawn, PA) and have been on the Comcast 50/10 business feed for a couple years now.  We have been doing a live broadcast of our services the past 2 years and now seem to be seeing some packet/rate limiting issues.  If we surpass 1Mbps upload on our outgoing feed the results are poor video quality.  Does Comcast do any packet/rate limitations on that 10mbps outbound traffic connection we have or what?  I'm pulling at straws,it doesn't happen all the time.




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Re: Outbound traffic issues

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I've checked status the IP-Gateway (Comcast device) on your premise and I do see a noted upstream bit error rate (BER) issue. This BER's issue could stem from, such as data overload, faulty connection or interfering devices. 


I recommend a field tech call to inspect it.

To setup the t/c contact our technical support at 1-800-391-3000 and they will assist you, but please tell that there is an upstream BER issue and inform the field tech as well.


Thank you