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Outage 8/12/2013 (again) Zip Code 46058

This is getting rediculous. First, I am well past due to get a modem upgrade. Second, I put in the request, it gets approved, but it never gets delivered. I am frustrated beyond belief that "business" customers must = garbage to Comcast. It's been months since the home Xfinity customers got a free big boost in speed in my area, and yet I pay more for what? I keep getting connection drops that last 2 or 3 hours to get "fixed". I continually keep getting technicians that can never agree with each other. Xfinity "home" customers get free instant 24/7 chat, and we get what? So we get constant connection drops, a slow speed when/if it works, have very outdated equipment, and yay! We get to pay even more for the 24/7 live chat Xfinity customers get. On top of it all, the line tech that checked my area tested and verified that whoever is in charge of my area of the state, is basically not doing his job. He proved that the equipment in my area is very, that is VERY outdated and should have been updated years ago. He called in to whoever supervisor he had and put in an order that got approved to have that issue fixed. It's been months since his order got approved, and I have not once seen Comcast trucks replacing things all over the area. If I can't get even 1 actual person from Comcast with actual authority to address my connection issues, I'm going to file a complaint with the BBB. It's getting really old. Our "business" customers were promised the same connection stability and speed Xfinity customers get, and months later (another "we're working on it") response. How many months does it take to work on something when the work isn't actually happening??
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Re: Outage 8/12/2013 (again) Zip Code 46058

Welcome friend_matthew.  We apologize for the issues you've had with your Comcast Business Service.  We have engaged our Regional Service Center to assist in the resolution of your issues.


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