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On going problems

On going problems

So I have been having a lot of problems when it comes to the internet. For starters, I have been getting disconnected in voice calls and a lot of down internet issues. I have called more than 3 times to get this fixed and they say the same thing and just reset the modem. 20 mins later it does it again. I'm really getting tired of them putting a bandaid on the problem I'm having some days are better than others but some days I can't get anything done. Please Help  Terry,

Official Employee

Re: On going problems

Hello, Terry, thanks for taking the time to share this experience with us. I am sorry to hear that your internet service is not working reliably. I know it must be frustrating if you are losing calls and not able to get tasks done due to the reliability of your connection. I will be happy to help and I will take the right course of action to diagnose the issue so we can start delivering the quality service you expect from us. If you can send a private message that includes your last name, the account phone number, and your entire service address (with the city, state & zip code) I will work to get this intermittent connection issue resolved.