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New install 75/15 Delux not getting near those numbers #rantahead

I have a brand spanking new install (new building) new wiring, new cables and on our new account for deluxe 75 we're not getting near the numbers we should on those speeds  closer to 44/12. Now that being said, again this is a new install and apparently your business department wastes no time billing for service, since I'm not getting the speeds I require I'm gonna have to do some fast talking to get anyone in accounting to pay for this junk. I'd be better off with straight residential. at least I wouldn't pay out my backside for less than what I ordered, what's up with comcast and support these days? I only get recordings about how important my business is and it clicks off. No anwers on twitter, no support at all and you claim 24/7. so I guess I"m the confused one. apparently this forum is supposed to be support? Um, just so I'm clear, I'm not paying Comcast so I can do my tech running. Put me in touch immediately please with someone in the UNITED STATES with whom I can talk and get this resolved. Otherwise I might feel the need to trash the modem and go find other service. This level of support is far from satisfactory.  #rant over

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Re: New install 75/15 Delux not getting near those numbers #rantahead

An admin here may be able to escalate your concern, but this is mainly a customer to customer forum.  Thiough, we can generally help you through your problem and give you good advice on how to interface with Comcast. 


Can you head over to or or and grab us your signal levels? Preferably try to get them throughout the day as the overall performance changes. 


Also, have you visually inspected the lines? Even though it's new it never hurts to do a quick once over just to confirm no mistakes were made. Can you walk us through your network? Any routers/switches after the modem? 


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Re: New install 75/15 Delux not getting near those numbers #rantahead

Hello debbit55 and welcome,


First, your 75/15 speed needs to be measured directly from one of the Comcast Gateway Lanports 1-4. So, plug a computer connected to an ethernet cable into one of these ports, bring up a browser, then go to When the map comes up just roll your cursor over the nearest physical location server to your actual business location. Please provide up with the ping,download, and upload speeds you obtain from here.


I am baffled that you are not able to obtain direct support at 800391300, option = technical, because this is the direct business support contact TN line. You are justified in your ranting wrt not obtaining 24/7 technical support, btw.


Could you tell us a little bit more about your business networking as follow:

1. What Comcast Gateway are you using for the 75/15 HSI Tier speed?

2. Do you have a static IP?

3. Are you using any firewall or controlling router device?

4. How are you making your speed measurements to obtain your 44/12?


Hope this helps you out and look forward to hearing from you.



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