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Need help fixing service

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Need help fixing service

 We have a  sales office in Bloomington Mn and I keep having major issues.. The service has only been installed for a few months and Comcast has dispatched several times already. Last time they blamed  my firewall because when they unplugged it it worked.I disagreed but I am not onsite.


What I find  is I can ping from my juniper but nothing past that.IF I reboot the modem or just unplug and reconnect the cable ( yea I replaced the cable also ) the service will start working..


I think it is an issue with the modem but not sure.It is a netgear cg3000 and I am reading others with the same issue..Can someone please check this modem or get it replaced. User are furious and ready to yank the service.

Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Need help fixing service

Hi mayash.  Our Regional Support Center informs us that they have reached out to assist with resolution.  Please let us know if you need further assistance.


Thank You