Connectivity and managing Your Comcast Business network
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Massive latency / packet loss in albuquerque during business hours



I have comcast business and since the start of pandemic we've experienced connectivity issues.  At the advice of my account manager, i've *upgraded* our connected from 50/10 to 200/20 plan.  My business was still experiencing significant issues so I decided to implement some monitoring.  It is quite telling how at 8am every day I see connectivity data completely tank.


For today (1/11/2021) look at connectivity to both and google DNS:


connectivity to comcast.netconnectivity to comcast.netconnectivity to to


Compare that with connectivity to my router's external interface and my WAN IP address:


comcast3.pngcomcast4.pngIs there any way to actually have you folks compare this data to the monitoring you see on your end? Or to see the plan for node splits?

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