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MONTHS of dropped connections!!

1 machine hard wired over and over since the inception of this service. 


Techs say "oh well you're in 2% range surprised it works at all" ... "Oh well its a problem up the line it'll take a month to get a ticket" .... "oh well its your equiptment" (which is comcast equiptment) ... "oh well up your speed" and the excuses are onward from here!!!


I am about to lose my job because of this and I am pretty sure Comcast wont take the blame (even though I work from home and internet IS my vehicle...hense I HAVE business class service) 

AGAIN 2 days for yet another tech to come out with some new line of bull that won't fix anything. 


47 total drops within 8 hours. FOURTY SEVEN!!!! It takes me 6 minutes to log back into everything again. I am posting this as a warning and for legal purposes because I am looking into other ISP and I will not pay a termination fee since Comcast cannot keep any Sevice Levels at all. 


Constant 5% packet loss...seriously? I pay 200 a month for this?



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Re: MONTHS of dropped connections!!

Can you go over this link and post the requested information?


Me and the other forum regulars would be happy to see if we could find anything wrong. Best case we can help and get your concern escalated internally, worst case we can give you some good tips to get routed to the correct people at Comcast.

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