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Issues connecting to remote host

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Issues connecting to remote host

Hi Comcast support forum,


I'm having issues connecting to a series of hosts from my Comcast Business Class connection. I do not have that problem from two different internet connections.


Let me explain the issue more in depth:


I tried connecting to the host using a proprietary service which failed. The service claimed it cannot reach the specified host.

I checked if I have basic IP connectivity using ping, which however timed out. Knowing that some hosts might silently drop ICMP ping packets I ssh'ed into a different machine on a different network (in fact geographically located quiet close to the machine running the service I tried to connect to) and pinged the host in qustion from there. This time I got a response.


I ran a traceroute from my local Comcast connection to the host in question, but the traceroute got stuck at a certain router ( which I will talk a bit more about in a second. The traceroute form the machine I ssh'ed into did successfuly passed that router, but got stuck on a later host. I suppose some kind of firewall drop. However, I was always able to ping the host I can't reach from my Comcast account. 


I decided to check who the IP adress resolves to is registered to and try to get in contact with them. The IP address is registered to a German company link11. I shot an email to and explained my issue. To my suprise I did receive an answer stating that the issue was fixed.  However I continue to have the exact same problem.

I hope you guys have a better guess at what's broken, how to fix it and who to get in contact with to fix it. Please let me know!


- Daniel