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Intermittent Service & Down/UpLoad Speeds

Since moving to our new offices, we have been experiencing intermittent issues with connectivity.  The service rep said we may have old lines in the building (brand new build out) or old equipment. He said we should take a laptop and connect it directly to the modem and see what our down/upload speeds are.  I had our IT guy do this and the Download speed is 17.74 Mbps and the Upload speed is 3.36 Mnps and we are paying for is 50/10.  So where does an un-IT person go from here?  I am putting in for another service call, but from what I am reading here, it may be our rented from Comcast modem...

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Re: Intermittent Service & Down/UpLoad Speeds

Hello IRES4Market and welcome,


Yes, if you are paying for 50/10 and only getting 17/3 directly connected to the Comcast Gateway, by all means call 800-391-3000, use technical Internet option, and have a technical agent check you modems signaling and operation parameters, because this does warrant a trouble call.




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