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Inconsistent speeds after upgrade to 100/20 using the SMCD3G

So we have upgraded to the 100/20 package on business class outside Nashville, TN. We previously had the 50/10 tier with no problems. Ever since the upgrade, the speeds are not consistently the ~105 down that they should be; speeds will often drop to 95-93mbps, and sometimes lower into the 80's. All testing for this purpose was done from 2 separate laptops w/gigabit ethernet directly into the modem, and we tried both the and the sites, but the shakiness seems to happen on all downloads that are capable of maxing out 100. Upload does not have any issues.


Is this normal? Is comcast sometimes unable to handle the full 100? If not then I might consider downgrading to the 75/15....




EDIT: here are a few tests for reference





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Re: Inconsistent speeds after upgrade to 100/20 using the SMCD3G

Notice only I am responding? because


Your connection is faster than 96 % of the entire test base (That's a lot).


Your pings are in the 9ms range, looks like you're the only one on their bus.


Your speeds are screaming and mathematically quite awesome.


The flucuations that you see are normal and depend on background services from many different layers of the OSI model. You're getting what you pay for.