Connectivity and managing Your Comcast Business network
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Inconsistent Connection/Speed

I'm on this support forum, but I don't understand most of what is being shared. Is that what passes for 'support' these days? Where's a phone number? Email? 


All I know is that I pay a premium for so-called "business speed" connection and I increasingly see nothing but delays, lags, and 'you are not connected to the internet' messages.


I don't know if my glance at the forum postings here in the support section are typical, but it appears that comcast is having some sort of major meltdown.


Anybody have any good recommendations for an alternative to comcast? 🙂


Below is another speedtest illustrating the point. 


Oh yes, I did check the connections to Modem, performed multiple restarts, etc...


comcast business May22017 1800.png

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