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How does Connection Pro work with a customer provided router?

We have static IPs and our Comcast provided SMC modem/router in "passthrough" mode so we can use our own router and we're considering using Connection Pro to provide backup.  I know the static IP assignments won't follow the switchover to the Cradlepoint but how exactly does the switchover occur in this situation?   Actually, I'm still not understanding how the switchvover would work even if we used the SMC as the router.  Does the cradlepoint tell the router to change the default route to itself?  Exactly how does the Cradlepoint detect the outage in the first place?


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Re: How does Connection Pro work with a customer provided router?

Thank you for reaching out to us about Connection Pro from Comcast Business. Essentially, the device will detect a loss of connection and provide a backup Internet connection via  4G LTE cellular. I can send you more information via private message. Please send a private message with your name along with your Comcast Business account number and complete address to proceed. 

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