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Having to reboot my router regularly

I am having troube with my coomcast business service.  It seems to disconnect on a regular basis (1 or 2 times a day) and the only way to restore service is to reboot the router.  What is the best solution?

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Re: Having to reboot my router regularly

Hello JerryL,


Welcome to the forum.


I've checked the status of our IP-Gateway on your business premise and do note two things.

One there is noted signal degradation. Two it is an older model of SMC IPGW (8013) and it needs to replace with an updated model.


I recommend a tech call to resolve both issues.

Please send me the following information via private message and I can set up the tech call for you.

1. Account Information

2. Business Hours of Operation (prefer tech call time)

3. Contact Number 


Thank You

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