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Gigabit for Business

I have Comcast Business in my house (100/20 plan and 2 digital lines) and the service has been excellent.  But Fios is now in my area and they offer faster speeds, including fast upload speeds (important to my clients who connect to my servers...and to me internally when uploading large documents).


I can get 150/150 with Fios and 2 digital lines for $!00 less than I am paying Comcast, but I would prefer to stay with Comcast.  I saw that Comcast is going to start offering Gigabit for Business throughout 2017.


First, when will Gigabit for Business be available in the Philadelphia area and second, what will the upload speeds be that will be offered?  I had heard only 35 upload and hopefully that is not true.




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Re: Gigabit for Business

Hello mbpros,


No exact date on when it will be available in Philadelphia yet unfortunately. At this time the upload speeds for the Business 1 Gb plan and the Business 500 plan are 35 Mbps. 

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