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Gateway restarts itself and smart tv's can't get to internet

My issue with smart tv connectivity to the internet has returned and my gateway is restarting itself every few days.


Originally i had only a samsung smart tv that would connect fine to wifi but not the internet (wouldn't work hardwired either) that seemed to be resolved when i upgraded to a very new firmware on the tv and the gateway was also replaced at the same time.  Worked great for a couple months then started timing out its internet connectivity again just like before.  I also now have a TCL RokuTV that is doing the exact same thing.  It connects fine to wifi but fails to the internet.


On both TV's if i tether to my cell phone it works fine.  


I am running the latest firmware on both tv's. I have tried setting the dns to for both tv's.


Internet is mostly fine from my desktop computer, except that the gateway reboots itself for no apparent reason and downs everything.


The tv's are both connected directly to the gateways wifi.  Gateway firewall, managed service, devices and sites are all disabled. i've tried it with upnp enabled and disabled.


I took the samsung over to my neighbors house (they have consolidated communications internet) and it worked fine.


IPv4 Firewall settingsIPv4 Firewall settingsIPv6 Firewall settingsIPv6 Firewall settingsSystem HardwareSystem Hardware


firewall logfirewall logmanaged devicesmanaged devicesSamsung TVSamsung TV


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Re: Gateway restarts itself and smart tv's can't get to internet

Hi there, I can assist with your service concerns. Can you please send a private message with the phone number, full address, and your name? 

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