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Frequent Outages



We switched over to comcast about a month ago for internet and VoIP phone service. Since then, we have had freuqent outages ( about 10-11) where the internet and phones are out anywhere from 5-20 minutes. We try to call tech support and never seem to be able to receive any help. We were told when we bought your service that outages are rare, and support would be easily accessible. This is not the case. We would like to be able to get some explanation for all of these outages and get this problem solved.  

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Re: Frequent Outages

The outages are one thing, the lack of customer service is ridiculous. They read the sheet of resonses and start over. Comcast Business should change their name to Comcast OUT OF Business because thats whats going to companies they attempt to use their service.

After numerous complaints, followed by excuses, useless techs our service is out again and we see on our account the service techician that was scheduled for today between 2-6 is now scheduled tomorrow from 1-5. No call/No e-mail just same [Edited] service!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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