Connectivity and managing Your Comcast Business network
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First Year Report

I'm a little over a year into my business internet-only contract with Comcast. I contracted for 27/7 bandwidth and a static IP block. I was told I had to use the Comcast modem with the static IP block.


For the first several months -- until this past spring -- connectivity was great, minimal outages and I was regularly getting 35/13 bandwidth with 10ms latency.


It's been downhill since then. Comcast came out and changed out the fittings and then came out again and claimed it must be something on my LAN. Well that's a convenient excuse, but when I run the same router and switch over a wireless connection I have no problem at all at significantly higher speeds. So, it's not my equipment. It's either Comcast's lines or modem.


Here's the most recent, pitiful bandwidth test using an HTML5-only service (no Flash or Java):



Michael Fraase, partner
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Re: First Year Report

Hello, sorry to hear that the service still isn't working as you're hoping it should. I understand you've spoken to a few of our team members and I'm looking into the notes to see what we can find out.

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