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Fax not working

my fax line is not working and I need assistance

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Re: Fax not working

Hello hgraham11 and welcome,


Please follow the following troubleshooting procedures:


1. Plug a Telephone into your FAX machine extention telephone jack and make sure you FAX TN line wire is plugged into your FAX machine Line telephone jack.


2. Do you hear a dial tone on the telephone plugged into your FAX machine Extension Jack?
-----If no then contact a technical agent on your cell phone at 800-391-3000, Option 1, and inform this agent to perform a Telephone Modem reset. You will loose Business Telephone communications for about 60-120 seconds. After the agent informs you this is complete, then check for dial tone again on the FAX connected Telephone. If you do not hear any dial tone after the agent reset your modem, the agent will need to get a technician out to your business to diagnose and resolve this issue.


-----If you do have dial tone, then you must disconnect you FAX machine line in telephone jack wire, then unplug AC to your fax machine for 30 seconds. Then reconnect FAX the line in telephone jack wire, then plug in you FAX AC power cord into an AC receptable. This will initialize your FAX machine if it was stuck in an indefintie timeout loop and you should now be able to receive and transmit FAXes.


Hope this helps you out.



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