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Fax Issues

Since changing to Comcast I have received complaints from many of my clients about Faxes not getting through to my number.  They don't get an error message and in some cases are being told the fax was successful.  If this was all clients it would be easy to determine the issue, but it is only some, only sometimes, and it doesn't matter if they fax from Home, the office, or Staples, they just can't get faxes through.


This is affecting my business significantly.  Please help.



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Re: Fax Issues

Hello npospiech and welcome,


I would recommend you do the following:


1a. First connect a spare telephone to the FAX machine extn Tel-Jack and make sure you have clear non static dial tone.

1b. Then from your cellphone call your FAX TN and answer with the telephone connected in 1a. If you can hear non-static clear voice reception and transmission, then you Comcast TN is not the issues. If there is any static on the telephone call then call 1800-391-3000 option 1 and inform the agent that you need a technician to check you signaling and telephone modem 


2. I you Comcast TN is okay, then you sdhould reinitialize youe FAX machine by unplugging the Line In telephone wire, then unplugg the power for 30 seconds. The reconnect the Line in wiring connection and plug the power cord back in and let the FAX reboot. Make sure that your FAX machine is correctly programmed to auto-answer.


Hope this helps you out.



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