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FTP timing out on Comcast, ok on other internet connections

We connect to many FTP sites every morning and transfer files.   Ive noticed over the last couple of mornings, our comcast connection is having trouble transferring the files and eventually times out.  This morning I moved all FTP connections to a T1 connection we have with another provider and the transfers completed almost instantly.  If I moved it back to Comcast, I have to same problem again.


Anyone else having this kind of trouble?

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Re: FTP timing out on Comcast, ok on other internet connections

Hi jreedtbf and welcome to the business forums. 


I would like to assist with your internet services. Since FTP is not supported feature from Comcast, I would not be able to assist with that since that would be passed the Comcast Business demarcation policy. However, I can look for any issues with the gateway or for any signal issues. Please private message me your first and last name, the name of your business, the full address of the site location and the phone number that is tied to your account.

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