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Email unaccessable most of the time from last Tursday to today, Tuesday-HELP!

 It started when I followed the Comcast email to activate my account (which since I've used it and logged in online should have already been anctived.) It keeps telling me I have the wrong password and I don't. I've  changed it, comcast has changed it for me and I've reset it.


It started last Thursday afternoon, I thought it was a glitch. Called Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday & Tuesday about the problem. I can sometimes log in on the website email starting last night (always have been able to log into the portal just not the email). But even that goes off and on. I have not been able to log into my email in Outlook since last Tursday even during the brief, random windows when it worked online.


Also, when I was able to access the online email-MANY were obviously missing. I don't go a day without getting multiple emails. I don't know if they're still on the server or have bounced back to the sender (causing other issues for mailing lists, etc...) but there were no emails after Tursday afternoon til Monday and parts of Tuesday.


I've tried windows update, and all things point to no issues on my end. I've tried chaning my password to my account and email (and back to the original just to be sure)-nothing works.


Everyone has been super nice when I call but I'm not getting any results despite reassurances. This started last Tursday, I called Fri Morn, it's now Tues evening. This needs to be corrected NOW!

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Re: Email unaccessable most of the time from last Tursday to today, Tuesday-HELP!

Just to be safe. Have you gone over their set-up guide to confirm you have everything correctly configured?

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