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Email & Browsing Issues


Email & Browsing Issues

We have a business account at work.


The past few weeks, roughly, websites are VERY slow to load, sometimes timing out.  The Xfinity email server is sometimes unreachable when trying to access email through the website.  Other times, the email page won't even load up correctly. 


Our "main" terminal at work is where the email comes into (we're just using old Express to get and send emails), but in this time frame, emails sometimes won't send.  We eventually get the "server hasn't responded in 60 seconds..." message.. EVENTUALLY it will go through.. but sending in general has problems. 


I made sure modem connection was tight, and everything else works fine, it's strictly a browsing and email issue.


When I've checked for Comcast problems in the area, there always seems to be a high number (again, just within the last few weeks) but I don't know if this is an individual problem or area-wide for weeks.


Any suggestions?

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Re: Email & Browsing Issues

I would like to look further into the service concerns. Can you please provide the name, address and phone number on the account through private message? 

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Re: Email & Browsing Issues

Hi tripro, glad the technician was able to resolve the email issue. Please reach back out if you ever need us again.