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Drops and Craptastic Service

If anyone is looking around these posts asking if they should use Comcast business internet, I'd recommend against it.


Our connection has been jumping up and down like a small dog for weeks and I finally got someone on the phone @ Comcast who appeared to care - he took the time to hang out on the phone and monitor.  He saw the issue and scheduled a service call to swap out our modem.


Today, I call 30 minutes after the service window has elapsed and the guy on the phone said the tech cancelled the call because nobody was here.  There were 8 people in our office all afternoon.  Basically this guy got lazy, wanted to knock off early and lied.


Worse yet, the guy on the phone didn't care.


We will be dropping Comcast just as soon as I can make it happen.  I can put up with a lot, but I draw the line at being called a liar by some call center guy.

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Re: Drops and Craptastic Service

When clients ask whether they should use Comcast/Xfinity or CenturyLink/Qwest, I explain that it's like voting for President. In this case it's being lied to/clueless and lazy or getting India after 6pm PT and sometimes during the day. Priceless, I meant hopeless.

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