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Contacting Comcast Construction Division

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Contacting Comcast Construction Division

We need to get an estimate for an apartment building from Comcast. Is there a number to call? I did reach out to Comcast Business on Tuesday but in retrospect, I should have called the construction division.


The project is in Gresham, Oregon and there is service in the area.


We can provide blueprints but we need to find out the estimated wiring cost for our budget.


Groundbreaking begins in March and the wiring needs to be addressed when we pour the concrete since once it is in, we cannot drill through it without an X-Ray.


Thank You very much for any assistance.


I did send a private message to a forum member and then discovered how to post a question in this area.

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Re: Contacting Comcast Construction Division

Hello AdaretPdx,


Can you please send me a private message with the address and you phone and email so I can reach out to the sales team to see if I can get the correct contact? 


Thank you 

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Re: Contacting Comcast Construction Division

Could someone reach out to me as well? We have a new possible project in NM and have had NO luck with the business/customer support numbers. 

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Re: Contacting Comcast Construction Division

Hey admindusaz, I'd be glad to assist with facilitating contact with the correct team. Please private message me (if you click on my handle, Comcast_Gina it should give you the option) with the address, your contact number and email and we'll get the ball rolling. 

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