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Constant Outages

So, this is "Business Class" ??  This morning, no Internet connection... restarted the modem; back up.  Yesterday evening (only 12 hours earlier), lost connection right in the middle of work.  Restarted the modem; back up.  A week ago, same thing.  A month ago, same thing.  This just keeps happening...  REPEATEDLY.  Seems to be "Business Class" service means good reliability.  Losing the Internet connection in a small office means no email, no websites, no PHONES.  Earlier this year, a technician came out and replaced the Comcast modem, but we still have the connectivity same issues.  Unfortunately, doesn't seem like Comcast is capable of meeting even a minimal standard for business.



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Re: Constant Outages

Welcome RichPaul.  We have referred this issue to our Regional Support Center to assist in resolution.  


Thank You

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