Connectivity and managing Your Comcast Business network
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We are a new comcast business customer and for the first couple weeks everything was fine.  The last couple of weeks we would loose internet access even though the modem said it was there.  Placed a service call.  Tech came out and swapped out the modem we had for a SMC 8014 last week.    Over the weekend internet service dropped again.  I had salesreps calling me at home yesterday about it and had customers that could not place their orders on our website.  When I got to the office this morning the modem had all green lights.  I tested on one of our servers and could not connect to the net.   I power cycled the modem and internet was back.   Our company cannot have unreliable internet service and if this issue can't be fixed very quickly we will have no choice but to switch back to AT&T.  Although slower it was reliable.

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