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My connect here since installation has been hit and miss.
Was told I had to many devices on my network and I needed to upgrade the connection.
So now I have 150 by 20 and the issues are more frequent... I have my connection drop multiple times a day and I’m told that Comcast can not or do. It have the tools to monitor.
Some devices such as the TV can handle a drop connection here or there as it can buffer the stream but my security cameras go offline three to four times a day due to the connection.

When testing my speed three times just now I got the following:

156 down 3.62 up
178 down 4.18 up
74 down 5.06 up
All in a 5 min window, help is needed or I will be needed a new provider!

Very unhappy customer...
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Re: Connectivity

Sorry to learn that you are having an issue with your Internet connection and speed. I would like to take a closer look at what is going on with the connection and review the configuration of your Comcast Business Gateway. Please send a private message with your name along with the Comcast Business account number, and complete service address.

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Re: Connectivity

Having same issues, packet losses, latency, slow network connection.  


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