Connectivity and managing Your Comcast Business network
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Connectivity issues in Cherry Hills Village Colorado

For some weeks we've been experiencing increasing bouts of dropped packets. Rebooting the cable modem doesn't seem to change anything.


Cable Stats:

Downstream Channel

Downstream Frequency609.000244 MHz  644.998779 MHz
Lock StatusLockedNot lockedNot lockedLocked
Modulation256 QAM  256 QAM
Symbol Rate5.360537Msym/sec  5.360537Msym/sec
Downstream Power-7.363160 dBmV  -3.686461 dBmV
SNR36.386890 dB  35.417789 dB

Upstream Channel

Upstream Frequency36499540 Hz30099892 Hz23699905 Hz17299934 Hz
Lock StatusLockedLockedLockedLocked
Symbol Rate5120 KSym/sec5120 KSym/sec5120 KSym/sec2560 KSym/sec
Upstream Power51.0000 dBmV51.0000 dBmV51.0000 dBmV47.7500 dBmV
Channel ID89909192



using as a ping partner, I see times ranging from 10ms to 40ms and dropped packets up to 50%. My traceroute output follows. There are no Windows systems permitted on our network (other than virtual machines which are not active and/or not connected past their host during these events). There is no obvious time of day or weather pattern involved.



traceroute to (, 64 hops max, 52 byte packets

1 (  1.127 ms  0.827 ms  1.213 ms

2 (  1166.861 ms  9.339 ms  8.557 ms

3 (  10.628 ms  8.695 ms  9.618 ms

4 (  34.850 ms  10.649 ms *

5  * (  12.414 ms (  10.031 ms

6 (  15.922 ms  12.549 ms (  12.844 ms

7  * (  29.009 ms  19.216 ms

8 (  11.999 ms  9.779 ms  11.850 ms

9 (  12.114 ms  12.040 ms  11.226 ms

10 (  12.841 ms  11.980 ms  13.260 ms

11 (  20.829 ms  12.289 ms  11.660 ms


... sample ping

--- ping statistics ---

37 packets transmitted, 21 packets received, 43.2% packet loss

round-trip min/avg/max/stddev = 10.724/19.875/57.667/11.623 ms


---> this results in poor voice (skype, facetime, hardware voip, etc.) as well as making it nearly impossible to download ISO images.






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Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Connectivity issues in Cherry Hills Village Colorado

Hi khb.  Thank you for the diagnostic info.  the power levels are above optimal range and there only two downstream channels locked.  This could be an equipment issue or the result of faulty connections. A service call would be necessary to verify COAX wiring and the Comcast router/gateway and replace if necessary.  Service calls can be scheduled via the Business Service Center @800-391-3000. Please let me know if additional assistance is needed.


Thank You

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