Connectivity and managing Your Comcast Business network
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Connectivity StatusT

How do we know Connection Status is Active

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Re: Connectivity StatusT

Hello bcp_produser01 and welcome,


a.) If you are looking to see what devices are connected to your SMCD3G, NetGear 3000, etc. Gateway please follow this:


1. Connect a computer to one of the Lanports 1-4, bring up a browser,and make sure popups blocker is turned off

2. Go to, username=cusadmin password=highspeed,

3. Click on Gateway Summary, then top Network Tab,

4. Vertical scroll all the way down until your see "connected devices" button.

5. Click on this button and you should see a little small pop-up window that displays all devices connected, addresses, etc.


b.) your BCP services connection status is located by the upper right most service icons, i.e. little envolope (Internet Status), little telephone receiver (Telephone service), or little TV for television service). If all is well there will be a green circle with, if red then service outage or issue, etc.  Please use this as the exact detail .


Hope this help you out.

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