Connectivity and managing Your Comcast Business network
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Connectivity Issues Continue

I have posted previously about intermittent connectivity I have had a ticket escalated to TIer 2 which was determined to be an head end issue:  REF# CR286794900


The problem still continues though: CR290166182


Is comcast not willing to upgrade/fix equipment to support their business customers?


I have continual packet loss at the head end, and from the head end to my location it increases. While most residential customers wouldn't notice.  I can't maintain my VPN connection, I can't use VOIP, I can't use Adobe Connect, and the internet goes in and out all day. 


My area was in an outage affecting service

6/21 6/22 6/23 and 6/25 


It stops becoming an outage when it is continuous, my business is going to fail if you cannot provide me with service.


Today's Pingetest :7% Packet Loss:


Tons of others from the last 60 days:


Please help me 

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