Connectivity and managing Your Comcast Business network
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Connectivity Issue after upgrading to Business Class Internet

We upgraded our commercial Internet service from Comcast to Business level. Ever since the technician came in and replaced the modem with Comcast's own one in Feb, I've immediately noticed significant upload/download speed drop. I connect the Comcast modem/router to my own LinksysE3000 router, which used to have very good performance. But now my home office computers that connect via wi-fi often get minimum upload/download speed. During dinner time, the download speed is usually less than 5Mb/s, and the upload speed is around 0.5Mb/s.


I just tested it now: 4/17/2013 1:50PM PST. Here is what I got: download 4.64Mb/s, upload 3.5Mb/s. Is this supposed to be normal at all during the middle of the day?

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Re: Connectivity Issue after upgrading to Business Class Internet

Hello sonyisme,


Welcome to the forum.

The community would like to help, but could you describe to us any test you have done so far?

For example direct connect to the Comcast's device without your network connected to it and did it made difference in the service?

This way we don't assume anything.



Thank you

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Re: Connectivity Issue after upgrading to Business Class Internet

if your old cable modem was a bridged one keep in mind the new business modem is a router and will hand you out a private number if your still running dhcpd on the wan side of the linksys.  then you have double translation which will kill your throughput.


if you just plug into the comcast modem direct with a PC what's your download speed test at?

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