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Connection speeds and reliability of my connection

I've had comcast business class for over a year now and i've had varying different speeds.  It just seems to depend on if there was service done in my area recently or not.  Can someone tell me where i can find in my account what speeds i'm supposed to be paying for?  My bill shows Business premium, but when i look at available services there's no premium listed.  Also, i've kept a list of dates and times in the more than a year that the connection has dropped for anything from 30 seconds to several hours.  This is unacceptable to me for a business connection having outtages numbering 20 or more instances in just over a year span.  Mind you, these were only instances that I was actively using the connection and noticed an issue, I'm sure the outtages would be a considerably higher number if i had some tracking software setup (meant to, got lazy and never finished the project.)  Anyone out there that can advise me?


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Re: Connection speeds and reliability of my connection

Hello Smithian,


If your Billing Statement say Premium Internet Service then this means your bandwidth should be 27 Mbps down-load and 7 Mbps up-load. You can very easily measure your bandwidth on a computer connected directly into any of the LanPorts on the rear of your Comcast internet modem. Then bring up a browser then go to You should select the Comcast test server location (just move your cursor over the round circles and the proximity location will be provided) that is closest to your physical location to get the most accurate results. I would also recommend that you run this test 3 times and average things out. Let us know how this works out for you.

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