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Connection interruptions

I have contacted IT support who says our 1 year old Lynksys needs to be rebooted to solve our ongoing service interruptions. Any ideas why? 

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Re: Connection interruptions

Hello COMProblems and welcome,


If you have a linksys device using a Comcast staticIP address or directly connected to Comcast Gateway (CG) Lan Port, if there is any communication control protocol issues between the CG and Linksys device, it is always standard to initialize both the of these devices. This enables both devices interactive protocol to be re-establised/initialized.


If you have a static IP on your Linksys WAN, you can always testing the CG by pinging the Gateway Address then ping the Linksys static routable address. If you get replies from both your have confirmed the interactive protocol is functional and your static routing is operational.


Hope this helps you out.

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