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Comcast Business Speed Drops Substantially Thru The Day


We have a Comcast 100M business line and during the last week we have been experiencing both severe intermittent drops in download speeds as well as random disconnects. We have had a Comcast tech out and he noticed that two of our four channels were below acceptable thresholds. This was escalated to the line techs who indicated that there was a problem with the node/line. This morning I was told that the problem was resolved. However, lathe this afternoon (and still ongoing) our download speed has dropped to 3M! Ping is at 9ms Oddly, our upload speed seems unaffected (17M). We have done both a soft router reset (Comcast provided Netgear router) as well as a full unplugging and replugging of the router. This severely impacts the way we can conduct business as we have 20-25 people who are unable to process and ship orders.


We have had several tickets opened in regards to this but there does not appear to be any concrete resolution. Looking for any help I can get here.




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Re: Comcast Business Speed Drops Substantially Thru The Day

I am happy to assist with the download service concerns. Can you please provide the name, address and phone number on the account through private message? 

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