Connectivity and managing Your Comcast Business network
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Comcast Business Email?

Currently I have been using for email using my web domain.




Now that I have internet, etc via Comcast Business, does it come with (2) emails in that standard well known easy .com form?  Or is it the goofy oddball like this:


Why would I want to use a email like that?  If that's the case, I'll just stick with what I have.


Is it extra to get the "proper" email address such as: ?


thank you.


PS.I also notice if you do this, you can download Outlook 2010 for free to use it?  Is this the latets version offered, pretty old.

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Re: Comcast Business Email?



Your account works.  It costs much less per year than the cost of changing to any ISP's proprietary email. It is as reliable or moreso than many suppliers.


Don't waste your time and don't tie your corespondence to a particular connectivity supplier.  You will be more satisified in the long run.


Note - Since sometime last century, I've changed suppliers multiple times and never changed my primary email address (or that of my spouse). is also a new supplier since they bought the business.




PS:  The Comcast-supplied Outlook 2010 works fine on Windows 7 for (as does Apple's on OS X).