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Coaxial Cable vs Fiber (update)

I currently have business class at my current home as I run my business out of it.  However, I am moving to a new apartment building that doesn’t have coaxial running through it.  That’s truly the only kind I am used to.  They only have fiber running through the building.  From what I was told, they only have AT&T Fiber and they have Google Fiber, which hasn’t been turned on yet.  Does of any of Comcast services run through fiber or is it all based off coaxial.  If the latter is true, then I guess I would not be able to get comcast there.  When I look it up to check availability of Comcast services, it says that I can get Comcast business but not residential internet.   Without coaxial then I am pretty sure the complex isn’t going to let someone come in and drill holes in their new walls.




I talked to the people at the new apt building and they said if I could get comcast internet, that would be great.  They told me other residents were told that they couldnt get if by Comcast, so I am a bit confused as to why some comcast people are saying yes you can and others saying no you cant.  The building has no cable outlets except for fiber, so can one single apartment be fitted to get comcast internet?

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