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Clients with Comcast Home service cannot connect to VPN but Comcast Business can

I realize that I am posting this in the Business forums but Comcast support is no help.


I am an IT Consultant and I have Comcast Business class internet at my home where my office is.


Here is the problem I am running into and this is not the first time. First I saw this on the Eastern and North sides of town. The problem I am about to describe fixes it self in about 1 to 2 months it seems. As of yesterday, my clients on the West side of town and in the foothills are having this problem.


The problem -

I have multiple clients at different businesses using VPN to access their offices when at home. I have them all setup using a IPSEC VPN with strong keys (ports 500,4500,1701), not using any PPTP VPN's.


Out of no where, any client trying to connect to their respective office using Comcast Home internet cannot connect. They get an error. If they have Centurylink or say use a hotspot on their phone it works fine. If I try to connect using my Business Class internet it works fine.


Now to prove this, I took one of my wireless computers and put it on my Business class and tried the VPN. No problems. I then borrowed the wifi of my neighbor accross the street who I do IT work for and has Comcast Home internet service. I tested this and sure enough I cannot connect.


No if I wait a month or so this may start working again but my clients cannot wait.


Comcast is blocking something randomly on the Comcast Home internet service to keep people from connecting to VPN's. Again, this has never been a problem with Comcast Business.


I am getting no where with support and I am lucky if they even understand what I am saying. Comcast has done something, an update, Net Neutrality?


I have proven that this is a thing and I need Comcast to step up and help or acknowledge what they have done.

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Re: Clients with Comcast Home service cannot connect to VPN but Comcast Business can

Thank you so much for taking the time to reach out to us through our business forums. I can understand how important a VPN for business needs. I connect through a VPN daily and I truly understand the impact that this can have. We do not directly support VPN access. I can advise that you should not have an issue on our residential connection vs our business connection. There may be something in the provisioning of the VPN directly that may be impacting the ability to connect. I do connect through a business and residential VPN connection daily and have no issues. This should be working from your side in the same manner as well. I am happy to review direct connections that are having issues with the connection if you can reach out through private message with the name on the account, service address and account number for each account that is impacted we can dig further into this. -Comcast_Michelle

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