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Cisco DPC393B has to be reset too often

Most of the time this starts after 6-8PM CST.  Device has to be restarted almost daily and could be a number of times after that hour.  The wifi/lan side stays active it appears to be the wan side that is losing connectivity.  I can log into the router at this time.  We need someone to check the logs on our device to see if they can explain what is happening here so we know what route to take.

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Re: Cisco DPC393B has to be reset too often


Hello YourNotary and welcome,


I recommend that you contact 800-391-3000, use technical option, provide your Comcast Account #, then request technical agent to analyze the following:


Log into your Comcast Gateway (CG) and make sure:
1. Your WAN DNSs and are programmed within
2. Your LAN DNSs and are programmed within
3. Make sure your LAN Leasetime=Forever

4. Make sure your downstream and upstream power levels are within specification


Hope this helps you out.

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