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Cannot hit my servers when using Comcast ISP

Havent been able to hit any of my servers when using comcast isp. I can hit them fine from my phone using AT&T. 

I can remote into them and hit them from my hosted server with Go Grid, also my co worker has no issue connecting 

from verizon isp located in Dallas area. Occasionally I can see them over the past week for about an hour or so. This occurs from my friends house located on north side of Houston using Comcast, at my Sisters on southeast side using comcast or at my house where I have both reidential internet and commerical on 2 seperate networks. Its not a DNS issue cause i cant hit the ip or even attempt a trace route. WTF, this is like administering a windows server where the only person who cant break in is the one using it. Please for the love of my sanity... fix it. 

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Re: Cannot hit my servers when using Comcast ISP

Same problem here.  My hosting provider is 'hawkhost', and my shared host is  This host is not reachable from my home (Comcast business class cable internet), but is reachable from my phone (AT&T), from my employer's network, and from another ISP (  comcast is blaming HawkHost, but it seems like only comcast has problems connecting.



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Re: Cannot hit my servers when using Comcast ISP

Sorry to hear about this. I have CC BCI as well, and I am able to ping and trace In both cases, it resolves to, routed from Comcast to

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