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Can someone please help fix my issue

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Can someone please help fix my issue

  I am 99% sure it's the modem.I called in an opened a case last week to swap it..They called my remote site and said they didn't have another modem but Netgear is onsite and should have it fixed..It went down 3 or 4 times yesterday and is down right now. I can't keep asking my sales folks to reboot the modem.

  I either need a different model sent or a fix done today or tomorrow..

  I love Comcast in our remote sites but this is making me (  IT ) and Comcast look bad.


Community Manager
Community Manager

Re: Can someone please help fix my issue

Hi Mayash.  Our Regional Service Center has contacted the site in an effort to resolve this issue.  If you will send me a PM with your contact info I will have the team contact you.


Thank You