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Bandwidth Utilization filtered by Time of Day?

The Bandwidth Graphes they provide are not even close to average for my busness during business hours. 


I'd like either the raw Data, or to be able to only have data by Day of week/Time of day.   Saying our Avrage use of a 50MB Conenctionis only 3megs is pretty silly when the connection is only used for 160 hours a month not 672 hours. Its pretty much Idle the other 512 hours a month. 


Adding in the Dead time kills the Average. 


Anyway I can get a M-F 8-5 usage?

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Re: Bandwidth Utilization filtered by Time of Day?



Buy a Smart Switch, a netgear 4 port one is probably fine, they are only $100.


Plug the switch in between your Comcast modem and your internal network.


Setup MRTG or other graphing software to do an SNMP query every 5 minutes of your switch's packet counts on it's ports.  The graph you want will be the port plugged into the cable modem.