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Awful connectivity for the past couple of weeks, especially after 7pm

Soo, this is starting to get pretty bad. Every day I get awful connectivity issues, with speeds dropping to as low as 0.25 Mbps for my 16/3 package. What is going on? This is the time of day when I actually need my connection to work, and this is when it just bails on me. If it's not download speed it's either high latency or package loss (or both).

Here are some tests I ran just now:




I ran tracert and the latency to my first hop is < 10ms, usually around 1-3ms. The problem is most likely not local, especially since it tends to happen at certain times every day as well. 

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Re: Awful connectivity for the past couple of weeks, especially after 7pm

Hello claudiu and welcome,


If you are checking your bandwidth on a computer w/enet connect to a Comcast Gateway (CG) LanPort, could you log into the CG and post the upstream, downstream, SNR signalling levels so we can take a peek at your modem info. Sometimes Comcast does regional network maintenence late at nightime, but usually like 1:00 AM to 6:00 AM. Send us you signaling info for us to see if your modem has issues.   

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