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Allowed number of DHCP addresses

For reasons beyond my control, I am needing to downgrade and cancel my static IP block. I was told by other business customers that one business accounts, when you own your own modem and have it put into bridge mode, the modem allows up to 5 devices to be attached and pull real internet IP's. 


When I called customer support to inquire, I was told that is not correct and only 1 dhcp address will be allowed. I have screenshots from other business customers that show 5 CPE MAC addresses attached and each have their own internet IP.


Is there anyone here that can confirm or deny that business class still allows 5 cpe mac addresses tpop attach to the modem and pull 5 real internet ip addresses?



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Re: Allowed number of DHCP addresses

Yes, 5 dynamic addresses are allowed. See the attatched picture of my SB6141 - I'm using it on the 100/20 business class tier, with no static IPs. The modem's "Addresses" config page shows a "Max 5" entry. Before, when this modem was used on residential service, it said "Max 1". The modem detects the devices via ARP, as far as I can tell (this is important if, for example, you plug in a managed switch in between the modem and your routers/devices; if the switch ARPs the cable modem, then the switch will actually take up 1 of the 5 CPE devices, even though it doesn't actually obtain any address.)cpe.png

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